Sponsorship Opportunities

At we are geared to assist your organisation achieve it’s goals with a bespoke sponsorship package specifically designed to meet your exact result driven requirements.

We have a range of opportunities available which include;

Conference Sponsorship

Sponsoring an members only conference, is a fantastic way of raising your company’s profile within the market and creating greater awareness of your brand.
It helps you to promote new and existing product and service offerings in a high profile way to a select group of potential customers and influencers in a conducive setting designed to maximise your return on investment.

Briefing Event Sponsorship briefings are an extremely popular regular series of short briefing sessions that are made available free of charge to core members. The attendance is strictly controlled to ensure that attendees are 100% practising compliance / financial crime professionals and these events have a very high intrinsic value to the participants and gain significant penetration in the market due to the financial cost / content value / time cost mix.

They therefore offer an unparalleled opportunity to engage with a key market segment in a unique way that is particularly good at creating brand awareness, loyalty and for offering new products services and ideas in a very positive environment.

We will work closely with you to develop briefing events that provide topics, speakers, settings and targeted delegate groups to mesh smoothly with your organisation and the goals you wish to achieve.

Global / Organisational Sponsorship is a very high value affinity group organisation with exceptional multi-threaded parallel and overlapping routes to our members and associated affinity groups. We have a high degree of stickiness for member association and engagement and are uniquely positioned in a number of key markets and are growing at a reliable and increasing rate in size and stature.

A sponsorship package on a global / organisational level with us means we will work with you as a preferred partner in a completely bespoke way and an ongoing basis to ensure that you are able to engage with the market to maximise your penetration and return.

Urgent query?

No problem – please get in touch with our Sponsorship Team who can help you with your enquiry.