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MLROs.com is your specialist, industry-led community, both online and at our hosted events all over the UK. Our members include representatives from a wide range of financial institutions, regulatory bodies, law enforcement agencies and industry sectors.

MLROs.com is eager to help our members stay abreast of the changing Anti-Money Laundering, Financial Crime Risk & Regulatory landscape – we aim to spark debate, to provide opportunities to learn and to help you navigate these changing times with MLROs.com as your trusted companion.

We exist to support and challenge our members to remain at the fore of our industry. Our offerings strive to keep our members abreast of the evolving regulatory landscape, to aid professional development and to host events with specialist networking opportunities. Our members come from a range of industries but all share a passion and commitment to effectively combat the advancement of financial criminals. Our speakers are leading experts, again from a multitude of backgrounds – each with a unique perspective to share. This special combination provides our members with access to expert insights and collaborative sessions that empower us to boldly lead in the fight against financial crime.

MLROs.com delivers a collaborative online forum that also hosts regular, informative events offering a unique perspective and a safe place to enquire together on the issues we face across industry. MLROs.com offers a website with tailored sections for richer content for our members. For those who register for free, you will have access to the wealth of members-only content and be able to avail of the early notice and/ or discounted pricing for all upcoming events.

We expect to journey together with our members to empower you to manage the pressures of the tasks ahead. The holistic requirements expected of professionals in the field continue to grow at an ever-increasing pace, driven by the continued growth of the regulatory burden and the financial criminals ongoing determination to ply their nefarious trade with increasing sophistication and regularity; MLROs.com is stepping up to the task to ensure that each and every financial crime professional is educated, supported and empowered.

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For those of our members who have been in attendance of our events, you will know that we are now guided by our Advisory Board, who assist with the curation of speaker line-ups at events. We are pleased to introduce the members of the board. Find out more here

David originally joined MLROs.com as managing director at the end of 2013 to help lead the forum to the next level of it’s development.

David has worked in the financial services industry at Abbey Life, GRE and latterly as the National Sales Manager for a PLC debt recovery business. All before setting out on a successful career as a serial entrepreneur/ investor and business manager.

David is an experienced business leader with extensive repeated success in managing business change. He has a significant track record in successfully leading the growth of smaller companies into significant class leading enterprises.

With David’s steady hand on the tiller, MLROs.com members can look forward to a steady stream of improvements to the benefits and services available to them. All this alongside a significant increase in the value of being members of the industry’s leading forum for financial crime practitioners.

David Pelled


Ian Kafka

Membership Services Manager

Ian joined MLROs.com in 2015 to assist with various business functions, however has quickly developed to become a core member of our team, now with a focus on improving our service delivery to our membership.

Now acting as Membership Services Manager, Ian is essentially the front line of MLROs.com for our members and will likely be one of the friendly faces on hand to welcome you to one of our great events.