Products & Services Offerings

We have a range of opportunities and services available, which include;

Software Discounts will be partnering with some great carefully selected software vendors in order to bring you exclusive, member-only discounts for software check back here soon for updates.


At we are geared to assist your organisation achieve it’s goals with a bespoke sponsorship package specifically designed to meet your exact result driven requirements.

Other Services Available

Thought Leadership

We are uniquely positioned to lead and effect thought leadership campaigns; our affinity / membership position means we are taken very seriously as members are used to us uniquely providing this level of content on a regular basis with reliable cutting edge methodologies. Members know that we understand their world in depth and that we always engage with them in a positive meaningful way that brings real and unique benefits to them.


We have an impressive track record of working with other companies to provide the very highest quality Co-Marketed, events and campaigns that produce real results. We are always open to new ideas from other great companies and would love to work with you to develop the perfect campaign that really gets the job done.

Affinity Group Product Branding

Do you have a product or service that would be great for the affinity groups that we have associated with us? But need a better route to market or need to provide the product in a new way? Or with a new cost paradigm without damaging your existing embedded revenue streams? We can help you achieve this aim.

Research Projects

We believe very strongly in the professional development of the profession and market; and we are always keen to work with great organisations, who want to do real and beneficial research to move the knowledge envelope forward.

Joint Ventures

We are happy to work in a bespoke and mutually beneficial way with other companies and organisations who are also operating at the highest quality levels to bring our members products, services, and ideas that are either new, better, more cost effective or best of breed delivered in an innovative beneficial manner.
If your company would like to look at the best way of reaching these key markets, we are happy to help you leverage our facilities and expertise to benefit all of the parties concerned. We are very open minded and always happy to talk to people about a new idea.