Andromeda is an industry-first data-visualisation platform that speeds up fraud investigations, helping fraud investigators discover hidden links between businesses, addresses and people. Created by the leaders of, Andromeda lets you see the bigger picture, providing you with the answers to complex queries in a matter of seconds.

Many traditional platforms are either out-dated or too hard to use, often presenting information in a list form or a cluttered, complex graph, resulting in investigators missing key connections. Andromeda’s unique 360-degree view instantly displays all information you need to know in a digestible and easy to understand graph.

Incorporating hundreds of millions of records, Andromeda provides you access to:

  • 170 million names and addresses from redirection and suppression data
  • 493 million Edited Electoral Register records (2001-2017)
  • 8 million company directors and 6 million company shareholders
  • 14 million UK businesses

Plus an array of other data sources that provide you with business and personal records, CCJ records, insolvency records, property information and mortality records.

Andromeda helps investigators conduct smarter, more informed investigations; decreasing the time it takes for to complete their inquiries.