Andrew Fleming

Global FCR MI Senior Risk Reporting Manager, HSBC Global Banking and Markets


Andrew Fleming is a financial crime risk specialist with an extensive background in the investigation of complex cross-border financial crime perpetrated by organised criminal networks, including terrorist organisations.

He has worked with international law enforcement agencies including Eurojust, Europol and the FBI and has provided training and presentations on terrorist financing, fraud and money laundering to law enforcement professionals, international forums and foreign judiciary on behalf of the UK. He has a background in cybercrime and its use by organised criminal groups and networks to commit cross-border financial crime and how companies can utilise new technologies, such as robotics and AI to reduce their financial crime risk, while at the same time protecting the customer and the bottom line.

He is a passionate believer that the integration of new technologies and targeted staff training are key to enabling companies to effectively manage the increasing demands of regulatory authorities within a cost efficient and manageable risk framework.