Alan Patrick

AMP & HVD Strategy Lead, HMRC – Anti Money Laundering Supervision


Alan Patrick is the Art Market Participants (AMP) and High Value Dealer (HVD) Strategy Lead in Anti Money Laundering Supervision (AMLS) which is within HMRC.

Alan’s role involves looking at the strategic direction for these sectors, which can be for all the regime or down into sub-sector details. He negotiates a risk-based approach to compliance with other Strategy Leads and provides technical support and guidance with compliance interventions and sanctions. His work also involves external link ups with the likes of trade bodies and other AML supervisors.

He has been in this role since summer 2016, after completing the four year HMRC Faststream program. Prior to that he was a VAT compliance officer for eight years, specialising in cash and till work. Before working in HMRC, Alan managed public houses.

Alan is a keen distance runner, and challenging himself with three marathons in four weeks in April and May this year