Lorenzo Pasculli

Assistant Professor in Law, Coventry University


Lorenzo is an Assistant Professor of Law at Coventry Law School and Associate of the Centre for Financial and Corporate Integrity at Coventry University. He is the founding Director of the Global

Integrity Research Network. He is also Sessional Lecturer in Conflict, Crime and Justice and Law and Professional Ethics for Science and Technology at Imperial College London. Prior to my appointment in Coventry he was Senior Lecturer in Law at Kingston University London. He has been a visiting researcher at many institutions in the UK and overseas, including Oxford University, Queen’s University Belfast, Columbia University, Fordham University, University of Adelaide, Florida International University and Bahcesehir Universitesi Istanbul.

His main research interest is the globalisation of crime and criminal justice. Within such broad aa rea, he focuses particularly on systemic and transnational corruption and on the relationships between science, technology, and the law in the global era. His most recent publications concern the possible effects of the law on the systematisation of corruption. His approach is always comparative, international and interdisciplinary, as his aim at integrating knowledge coming from various different disciplines including sociology, criminology, psychology and law.