Jonathan Cox

former Global Head of Whistleblowing, Barclay’s



Jonathan was the Global Head of Whistleblowing at Barclays where he set up a highly effective and outstandingly successful whistleblowing programme which reached across forty countries and each of the Bank’s numerous business units. Jonathan built an international team which includes three Vice Presidents and Subject Matter Experts across four continents.

Jonathan’s key responsibilities included programme development and implementation, managing regulatory relationships, rolling out a global marketing strategy and, most importantly, ensuring employees who report wrongdoing receive an excellent service, appropriate support and complete protection from retaliation.

Under his leadership, whistleblowing reports within Barclays rose over 300% and, with the vast majority now being raised through internal reporting channels, there was a high level of confidence in the system which he has established and embedded.

Jonathan has delivered whistleblowing presentations to the Securities Exchange Commission, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the US Association of Auditors and other leading Global financial regulators and organisations. Jonathan was also a joint founder member of the Whistleblowing Inter-Bank Senior Manager’s Group and is one of the most experienced whistleblowing operatives in the country.



Over the last ten years, Jonathan was the key role holder in designing, implementing and/or managing Whistleblowing programmes in the Metropolitan Police, HM Prison Service, Turkish law enforcement and Barclays.

Jonathan managed the Metropolitan Police Witness Protection Unit, which provided new identities and protection for persons who gave evidence against dangerous offenders who controlled Organised Criminal Networks. Jonathan also worked for a protracted period with the National Offender Management Service. While seconded to their Corruption Prevention Unit, Jonathan designed and implemented prevention and reduction strategies, including the development of a whistleblowing procedure.

During a secondment on behalf of HMG to Turkey and as part of a wider overarching remit, Jonathan also drafted and proposed the implementation of a number of policies and procedures to reduce corruption in the Turkish Police, Gendarmerie and Coast Guard services.



Jonathan’s work has brought him into contact with many aspects of the banking industry including allegations of front running, insider trading, FX (GRB Routing), tax (the closure of the Structured Capital Market), data privacy, wash trades, push through trades, copyright infringement, breach of MNPI, miss-selling, overcharging of trading commission, expense abuse, ABC, breach of the OBA policy, IT password sharing, unauthorised account access, money laundering, terrorist funding, unauthorised G&E and sundry other matters.



Before joining Barclays in May 2013, Jonathan spent 30 years working for the Metropolitan Police, rising to the rank of Detective Chief Inspector. During this time he investigated major crime, including seventeen murders and several serious linked indecent assault cases. Jonathan was also a key member of a team which investigated corruption allegations in the Regional Crime Squad which had been exposed by a BBC Panorama Programme. Other experience included postings on robbery squads, covert deployments, integrity testing, surveillance and witness protection.

During this time Jonathan received three Commissioner’s Commendations for investigative ability and professional standards.



In March 2013, Jonathan published ‘The Blue Trilogy’, a series of popular and critically acclaimed police procedurals. Over 50,000 copies of his books have been downloaded and the second book in the trilogy; ‘From Black to Blue’, is rated by Amazon purchasers as one of the best police procedurals available.