Georgina Halford-Hall

CEO & Founder WhistleblowersUK


Georgina set up WhistleblowersUK after blowing the whistle on financial irregularities and poor practice in a charity. Eventually vindicated when investigations were concluded, what Georgina learnt was that people who have the courage to whistle-blow are very isolated and unsupported. WhistleblowersUK now ensures that people who put their head above the parapet and blow the whistle on wrongdoing have the help and guidance they need.

Georgina regularly advises businesses, MPs and regulatory bodies on whistle-blowing legislation and obligations in the UK and the United States. As well as overseeing an active caseload, Georgina is the spokesperson for WhistleblowersUK and is often quoted in media articles and interviews.

Georgina says: “WhistleblowersUK has helped dozens of people blow the whistle on issues and serious concerns in all types of organisation. I know from personal experience how hard it is for people to come forward and WhistleblowersUK is here to guide and support individuals and their families through what can be a very turbulent time.”