Community Response to the Companies House Consultation Document Launched on 05/05/2019

For many years AML and financial crime professionals have complained that companies house was simply not fit for purpose. The problem has been that Companies House is a venerable institution, set up over 150 years ago under a very different set of requirements, and therefore hasn’t been legislated to provide services to a more modern worlds requirement.

Companies house and BEIS (the government department that it sits under) have been looking at how to rectify this problem for some while and have recently launched a consultation document, to find out the requirements and opinions of the community to help guide the reformation of the companies house service. intends to put in a community response to the consultation document, that gives a balanced view of the AML and financial crime communities views.

To this end we are launching a survey, that exactly mimics the 44 question Companies House response survey for as many people as possible from the community to complete.

From this data, we will collate and submit a balanced community response lead by an expert panel of senior community members who will look at the response data and use that to give a holistic view to Companies House.

We have taken this position because we feel that whilst there will undoubtedly be a response from major corporations and other bodies in their corporate guise, individuals working for these organisations may well not have the opportunity to respond and may not wish to respond in a way that allows them to be identified.

We have set this up to ensure that everyone has an equal chance of helping shape the future for companies house and can do so in a way that is safe and comfortable for them in their unique circumstances as either a corporate entity or as an individual.

The first part of the survey will take your personal details and give you options on how much of your information we share directly with companies’ house in an attributable way ranging from zero attribution (a completely anonymous response) to full identification as if you completed the survey directly with companies house.

You will then be able to complete the mirror survey which we will use as part of the community response and we will also supply Companies house with the raw data in manipulable form so that it has the maximum benefit from it whilst complying fully with your instructions on anonymity.

Please note that once you start you will not be able to pause the form.

You can view the questions HERE

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