AML Technology; Help or Hindrance?

BDO, Baker Street, London | Wednesday 20th November 2019 17:30 – 21:00

Is AML Technology a help or a hinderance?

Technological solutions are looking like they are going to be the norm for AML and financial crime professionals in the future.

  • Is that a good or a bad thing?
  • Is the technology going to help us get to better results? Or is it simply a money saving exercise that is going to lead us to worse outcomes by removing the intuitive, experience lead, human process, that allows us to reach the right answer on only partial information?
  • How do we understand how technological solutions come to the answers they do, so that we can check that they have got things right?
  • If technology only crunches the numbers on the data it is provided with, is that causing our results to be low grade tick box compliance that allows the criminals to continue unchecked?
  • Can technology spot something that simply doesn’t look or feel quite right, and initiate an investigation that leads to a major problem being stopped? Or will it always miss the well formatted crimes because they avoid its rigid programmed parameters.
  • Does technology force us to make less mistakes by demanding we follow set processes? Or does it force us to make worse decisions for the same reason.
  • What makes a technological solution good or bad?

These are just some of the many questions that will be vigorously discussed over a drink or three during this event.

It will be a fun way to get some real up to date knowledge from some great SMEs and decompress and network all at the same time.

Hosting Partner

BDO’s Financial Services’ team has over 350 specialists in the UK and is part of a global BDO network with operations in all major financial centres. Our expertise covers the banking, insurance, capital markets, private equity and asset management sectors where we work with firms of varying sizes, from new entrants to the largest and most complex financial services organisations in the world.

What is an Roast?

A Roast is a fun event with serious content and information sharing potential; run in a wholly irreverent and slightly alcohol-fuelled manner.

The idea is that we take a serious topic; approach it in as controversial and inflammatory a way as possible. Add a good dose of alcohol and nice finger food and make it an open and fun discussion/ argument/ shouting match, run under Chatham House rule to encourage a truly open and frank discussion.

Registration (and drinking) starts at 17:30 the panel of SME’s will gather at the front of the room at about 18:30 where the chairman will outline the event content and procedures (or lack of them) and start the ball rolling.

We are expecting to have a very lively discussion and there are a number of serious issues in play in this area at the moment.

Agenda & Speakers


17:30 – 18:30

Registration & Drinks

Delegate’s arrival/ registration and a chance to grab a pre-event drink and some nibbles before settling into the evening’s event!

18:30 – 20:00

The Roast!

Our panel led by Fiona Raistrick, will get us rolling on the topic of the day “AML Technology; Help or Hindrance?” Audience participation and comments are welcome throughout the event and are welcomed at all junctures! 

The Panel

Chair: Fiona Raistrick – Financial Services Advisory Partner, BDO

Jon Williams – Advisory Board Member

Jason Gottschalk – Cyber Security Partner, BDO

Sameer Ismail – Advisory Board Member

Richard Gould – Director, Illicit Finance Consulting Limited

20:00 – 21:00

Evening Reception & Networking

A fantastic opportunity to decompress with a few more drinks and network with your peers and the expert speakers of the evening, hosted by BDO LLP

*Ticket price does not include any booking or handling fees charged separately by Eventbrite